Getting Started: Step One – PLAN

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – beautiful sentiment but it assumes a fact not in evidence – that you know where you’re going. Otherwise, a journey of a thousand miles is just wandering around for a thousand miles.

Big churches can afford education specialists to plan their curricula – sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s a different discussion – but for the majority of churches, this kind of extra staffing is out of reach. What about the huge number of middle and small size churches? What do they do?

Same thing the big ones do – it’s not about who does it, it’s about DOING it. “It” is formulating an education plan.

This isn’t something you let the church secretary do on in her non-existent free time – this is something your church has to actually put effort into. I’m not a fan of committee planning – it’s usually less planning and more appeasing the noisiest voices. So, as an alternative select several capable people – preferably from different backgrounds – and have EACH develop a basic plan.

Your committees still come into play approving said plans – and make very sure they have very definite deadlines and that someone can make the decision for them if deadlines are missed (this is a good plan for ANY committee work). From the final selections, assign people to develop a master plan.

The particulars of your selection process depend on your organizational structure and aren’t as important as getting the work DONE. Don’t let your committees kill your hard work with inaction – and don’t disregard their perspectives, either. Committees are only an evil if we let them be – and they are made up of people who can be tremendous assets – so make sure you can tell your trees from your forests!

Once you’ve got a PLAN you are officially in business. Specifically, the business of implementation, and interpretation, and re-visiting the plan – it wouldn’t be any fun if it were easy, after all.

Seriously, the real work begins with a plan. How worthwhile that work will be has a LOT to do with how well crafted – or not – that initial plan is. It’s okay if you have to tweak – unless the Lord Himself is writing this thing you WILL have to tweak – and it’s okay to build in some flexibility in your plan. It is NOT okay to never get this thing off the drawing board.

So, step one – PLAN.


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