We Have Met the Enemy – And It is Us.

So, yesterday, I started discussing Romans. There’s a side point I’d like to make. I gave Paul a hard time about his complex writing – but the truth is his writing is exactly what we’d expect from any learned writer – until about the first third of the 20th Century. Even by the mid-century point, treatises were still written with complex sentences and very little of the modern active voice. The ‘problem’ with reading Paul is the hysterically bad state of modern education, both secular and sectarian. We have raised a couple generations of kids with the attention span of a lacewing (I probably just insulted lacewings) and we’ve taught them to read on literature designed for their ‘grade level’. The result is that highly complex writing of the past becomes increasingly inaccessible. The problem, folks, is us. I like ribbing Paul but he didn’t make a mistake in his writing – he just didn’t dumb it down for a generation that can’t diagram a sentence, let alone follow one with more than one clause.

I’ll go on a rant about sectarian education later – probably sooner than you’d like. But tomorrow, I’m gonna get back to Romans…





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